How to use the report archive

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How do I use the report archive?

Follow these steps

The report archive is a searchable and sortable historical listing of every report generated from your store. You can use the report archive to re-download a copy of a previously generated report, access the report identifier to include on a support request, or to view the parameters used to generate a report.

To use the report archive, follow these steps.

  1. Select Reporting (Beta) > Report Archive.
  2. Select the Columns button to customize your view by showing and hiding additional columns including report name, finished time, report identifier, status, user, parameters, download etc.
  3. Columns can either be searched or sorted. Type in the Search Field to search through a column, select the up-and-down arrow icon to sort in ascending or descending order.
  4. Select view in the Parameters column to view the parameters used to generate the report.
  5. Select the icon in the Download column to re-download the report.

More Information

For more information about reports, see the article Getting started with GT Reporting and What is the report identifier.

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