Getting Started with the Ingenico Desk 5000 and Move 5000

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This article covers the Desk 5000 and Move 5000 with the default operating system. It applies to all payment processors that are integrated with GlobalTill, except for Moneris, who uses a customized operating system.

The Desk 5000 and Move 5000 are the successors to the Ingenico iCT250 for most payment processors. For more information, see the articles:

What is the difference between the Desk 5000 and Move 5000?

The Desk 5000 supports Ethernet-based connectivity.

The Move 5000 supports wireless cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity (*semi-integrated mode only works over WiFi, not cellular or Bluetooth).

If you're looking for a fixed terminal that doesn't need to move around your store, we recommend the Desk 5000. The Move 5000 is beneficial if you need the flexibility, but because it must be awake before it can accept a connection from the POS, it typically makes customer handling time slightly longer.


Setup or installation guides from your payment provider will typically refer to the GT POS / GT Mobile as the Electronic Cash Register, or ECR for short.


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