Reporting specifications and guidance

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The new GT Reporting module is part of GlobalTill's Early Access Program (EAP) and may be subject to change. Learn more about EAP here, Early access program policy.

Report List

The Report List summarizes high level report information and includes:

  • The Role of who might benefit from using the report
  • The Recommended Use of how often to pull the report
  • A unique report code used by GlobalTill support to identify the report and version number
  • A Learn More link with a breakdown of report fields


Learn More

The Learn More area summarizes report specific details and includes:

  • Benefits - What information and insight the report provides
  • Variations - How the data is presented in the report, e.g. by week, by month, by year
  • Column Definitions - Column number from left to right, column names and definitions, the format of the data in each column, and whether or not the column is optional


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