Release notes for GT POS v4.8.0

GT POS 4.8.0

🎉 New

  • Gift receipts. This release includes gift receipts as an optional feature that can be enabled in POS settings. Gift receipts display an itemized copy of the purchase without any purchase price or financial information included on the receipt.
  • Price match + beat. Price matching is something that we've supported for quite a while. However, price match and beat is a new feature that we've added for extremely competitive markets where stores want to advertise a price match offer in addition to a discount on top of the price match, this allows you to automatically discount beyond the matched price up to a fixed percentage that you're able to enter into your POS settings.
  • Auto start customer signup during checkout process. This is a new feature that's great for customer centric, retail companies that want to capture customer information for each and every transaction. When enabled, when salesperson presses checkout, if there's no customer attached to the transaction, GlobalTill will prompt the user to either search for the customer from the database, or create a customer profile right then and there without navigating away from the current transaction. This makes it easy for salespeople to create new customer profiles on the fly, and ensures customer information is captured so you're best able to use it for marketing and improving your own customer experience.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for common POS operations. We've added a series of keyboard shortcuts that can also be displayed on screen on the POS. This can be enabled in POS settings.
  • Updated the Start and End Shift experience. We've redesigned the start and end shift screen to be more friendly for new users. Instead of accessing the two primary options through the actions menu, users will be prompted to either start a shift or to continue an existing shift.
  • Auto updater. Version 4.8 includes an auto updater that can be optionally enabled, and that will keep your POS station up to date with the latest release. Each time the POS station opens, it'll check to see if there's a new update. If you have auto updates enabled when you're done for the day and close the POS station, the update is applied automatically.
  • Initial loading and update speed improvements. Previously during the initial setup, a full refresh of your POS station it could a few minutes for customers with average sized databases, and up to 20 minutes for customers with extremely large databases. We've done a lot of work behind the scenes to improve the initial load and the update speed so that stores with larger databases can now refresh their POS stations in less than a couple of minutes.
  • Full SQL based release. The embedded SQL based database offers much better performance for larger datasets, including our customers with large product and customer databases that often take a while to load and search.

🤓 Updates

  • Payouts have been added to the End of Shift summary, the report that prints after cashing out from each shift.
  • The order of employee names on the POS login screen can be sorted.
  • Full Void has been added to the optional manager-only functions at the POS, allowing you to decide if voiding an invoice requires a manager level user account.
  • The on screen keyboard has been updated.
  • Customer notes can be displayed permanently.
  • The POS Invoice Listing design has been improved.
  • Added the ability to check a gift card balance from the POS screen, instead of at the end of a transaction.
  • Price book strict pricing has been added. When enabled, the customer will receive the price book pricing at the POS, whether or not that pricing is lower than retail, the on sale price, or any other promotional price.
  • Negative discounts can be hidden from customer receipts.
  • New gift card blocking options.
  • Line items are now combined on POS screen and customer receipts. When multiples of the same product are added they will be combined into a single line item.

🤝 New Integrations

  • Square Terminal
  • Payfirma/Merrco
  • Clover Flex

❌ Upcoming Depreciations

  • Printing > Direct Printing Mode will be removed in v5.
  • Admin > Dedicated Picking Station will be removed in v5.
  • Admin > Scan Invoice List will be removed in a future release.
  • Printing > Print Order Number will be removed in v5.
  • POS > Barcode Scanner (hardware) will be removed in v5.
  • Core > Show Date/Time will be removed as optional in v5, it will be enabled for everyone.
  • Core > System Name will be removed as optional in v5, it will be enabled for everyone.
  • Core > Theme may be removed in v5 pending the outcome of further testing. It was removed in a recent release due to memory issues it created.

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where manager override could not be used with numeric login.
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