What is auto add cannabis items? (OCS)

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What is Auto Add Cannabis Items?

Auto Add Cannabis Items is a new feature created to improve the automated import process for products purchased from the OCS. When enabled, cannabis products on your ASN file that don't exist in your store will be automatically added to your store from the provincial database.

How does it work?

GlobalTill references the GTIN column from the ASN file and scans the OCS product catalog for a match. If a match is found for any products that don't currently exist in your store, you'll be redirected from the PO edit screen where you can confirm and enter the data fields needed to create it.

What if there's no matching GTIN found?

If a GTIN match isn't found, the standard warning flag stating a SKU cannot be found is displayed and the product must be created manually.

How do I enable Auto Add Cannabis Items?

Enable Auto Add Cannabis Items in your store settings. Go to Settings > Store Settings > Other Settings and select Auto Add Cannabis Items.

What data is used when a product is automatically created from an ASN file?

Neither the OCS product catalog nor the ASN file individually have enough information to fully populate product data. At minimum when a product is auto-created, you must enter the POS Equivalent Grams and the Base Selling Price. All other fields are pulled from GT or the OCS product catalog. Categories are pulled from the OCS catalog but are included on the data entry screen for convenience, as not all retailers follow OCS category conventions.

GlobalTill data and auto add field mapping

We've created following field mapping to show what data points are populated and where the data comes from when a SKU is auto-created from your ASN file.

Main product data and pricing tab

GT Field Where it Comes From
1. SKU The OCS product SKU from the ASN file.
2. Category Category from the OCS catalog.
3. SubCategory SubCategory from the OCS catalog.
4. SubSubCategory SubSubCategory from the OCS catalog.
5. Brand Brand from the OCS catalog.
6. Size Size is auto parsed as the text after the dash in the Title field from the OCS catalog.
7. Base Selling Price Selling price is manually entered before returning to the POS edit screen.
8. Default Supplier Supplier is the supplier selected during the PO import process.
9. SubVendor The LP or licensed producer from the OCS catalog.
10. Last Ordered Cost Last order cost is the cost per unit/each from the ASN file (Note: cost average will only populate after the PO is converted to a supplier invoice, and the supplier invoice has been posted).
11.Extra Description 1 and 2 (not pictured) THC and CBD ranges from the OCS catalog are populated in Extra Description 1 and Extra description 2.
12. POS Equivalent Grams (not pictured) POS Equivalent Grams is manually entered before returning to the POS edit screen.


Web data tab

GT field Where it Comes From
1. Long Description Description from the OCS catalog.
2. Image The main image from the OCS catalog.

More Information

For more information, see the article How to import a cannabis order from the OCS.

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