How to insert HTML content into customer receipts

  Heads up

Inserting custom HTML into receipts presents the risk of distorting the current receipt layout, some adjustments may be required. This feature is designed for advanced users, we recommend proceeding with caution. Custom footer content is available on v4.8.0-beta2+.

How To

How do I add a custom QR code, or other HTML content, to customer receipts?

Follow these steps

The Custom Footer Content field allows for insertion of HTML on customer receipts, giving you flexibility in content. Create a QR code with an online QR code generator and enter the HTML format into GlobalTill to add a QR code to receipts. 

Follow these steps to add a QR code, or other HTML content, to customer receipts.

  1. Generate a QR code or obtain the desired content in HTML format. This is performed outside of GlobalTill.
  2. In the GT Backend, go to Settings > Store Settings > Other Settings.
  3. Enter the HTML snippet into the Custom footer content field. Select Submit.
  4. Refresh the POS data before the next transaction, your QR code, or other HTML content, will print at the bottom of the receipt. 

More Information

For more information about how to refresh POS data, see the article How to refresh data on GT POS.

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