What is the difference between the Desk/5000 and Move/5000?



What's the difference between the Desk/5000 and Move/5000 payment terminals?


The Desk/5000 and Move/5000 are the successors to the Ingenico iCT250 for most payment processors.

The Desk/5000 supports Ethernet-based connectivity. The Move/5000 supports wireless cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity (but semi-integrated mode only works over WiFi, not cellular or Bluetooth).

If you're looking for a fixed terminal that doesn't need to move around your store, we recommend the Desk/5000. The Move/5000 is beneficial if you need the flexibility, but because it must be awake before it can accept a connection from the POS, it typically makes customer handling time slightly longer.

More Information

For more information about the Desk/5000 and Move/5000, see the articles:

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